Floball @ a glance


Floball™ forms part of the Flow Evolution programme, played as a recreational game and as a means to access Flow whilst developing your physical movement ability. FloBall™ is a fun, continuous, non-contact game, consisting of 2 equal teams, a specialised oversized ball and a rectangular court. The aim of the game is to maintain flow, whereby the players spontaneously pass the ball between each other and score points by stopping the ball behind the opponent’s goal line. Players will also enhance their intuition, spatial awareness, hand-eye-foot coordination and general physical fitness.

  • A new and exciting ball sports game for anyone played outside or indoors
  • Have fun, get energised and enjoy the Flow experience
  • Learn new skills and improve self-confidence
  • Develop generalised movement ability and fitness
  • Play with friends and be part of a team

Team Building


Floball™ is an excellent way to strengthen cohesion with existing teams, both in a work and sporting environment. The game is suited for men and woman in mixed teams of different abilities, offering opportunity for each player to express their strengths on an even playing field. All players have to work together to score a goal, encourage their teammates to be bold and take risks, supporting the main objective which is to Flow as a functioning team.

  • Develop better working relationships
  • Appreciate the contributing qualities in others.
  • Improve communication and understanding of each other as a group
  • Resolve conflict quickly and get back on task straight away
  • Enhance ones own strengths and self-confidence within a team environment